Welcome to TradeCollect.net

What is TradeCollect.net?

TradeCollect.net is the new platform to buy and sell tranding cards and stickers!

The TradeCollect System

Buying and selling of trading cards and stickers at TradeCollect.net is as simple as possible.

When you buy or sell something, we take care of the entire payment process for you! Tedious exchange of bank account data is not needed.

Our payment system was developed with one goal in mind: Providing best security for buyers and sellers!

Your Advantages:

Buying products on TradeCollect.net is completely free of charge! The listing of articles is free too, only when you successfully sell something a small fee is charged.

There are many different sellers on TradeCollect.net, you will be able to find the best offers easyly!

Any Questions?

For all further questions, take a look at our FAQ!